Moving code related blogs to CodeSmith┬ástarted with the intent to share my knowledge (whatever little I gain over time) with the world, to document my learnings, so that people don’t end up re-inventing the wheel and waste their precious time on following all the paths that lead to a dead end. It also was a way for me to write about my experiences in life, whether it is with music, sports, technology, languages or even the philosophy of philanthropy (more on that some other time).

As the number of visitors increased, the maintenance cost for this blog also increased and I thought of putting a few ads which could fetch me enough money to pay for the domain and hosting space. The ads, did start to pay for the domain, but I always felt weird about putting ads on a personal blog. I think that a personal blog in itself is an advertisement of oneself and then putting extra ads on top of that is just not fair.

So, I have decided to write all the technical, code related articles in a separate blog, by the name of ““. It’ll serve two purposes.

First, it’ll be a revenue generating blog. A place where I can share my knowledge and don’t feel guilty about putting a few ads for some profit, so that it pays up for both and itself. Secondly, it’ll provide a space to few of my friends who wanted to write about something but did not want to create their own blog for that purpose. will only have articles that are related creating software, everything else that I ever want to write will be here on this blog and going forward, I will remove all ads from this space.

Must Know Kannada Words

A lot of people (mostly software professionals) move to Karnataka(mainly Bangalore) everyday for job or business related purpose. Although most of the people here understand and speak English, still there are times when you are out in the market or with some Kannadiga (hailing from the state of Karnataka) friends or trying to explain your watchman/electrician/maid etc about something and you wish if you knew a bit of Kannada. I have been in Karnataka for almost 2 years now and have found that life will be much easier if one knows a few Kannada words. Below is the list of Kannada words that one must know, with their English meanings.

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