About Me

I hail from a beautiful, small and heavenly city called Udaipur in Rajasthan (India), working as a Software Engineer with Cisco Systems India.

Apart from the usual day job, I like to work on small projects on different technologies(Mobile/Desktop/web). I also have interests in all sort of sports, specially Table Tennis, cricket and Tennis. Recently, I have developed interest in the field of product photography (official unpaid photographer for my wife’s venture Kalaansh). Listening to music has become more of a need rather than a hobby now.

This blog has no particular schedule. I plan to write when I want to and when I have a strong opinion about a topic, article or a broader theme. Posts here will range in length from a few sentences to a couple of printed pages. Mostly I plan to write about technology, music, photography, ideas and my experience working on those ideas.

Social – Instagram/Twitter/Linkedin/Github

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